Hifi Watts - Power ratings compilation


Marketing departments specify power ratings for amplifiers quite creatively. This page provides a compilation of power ratings at 8Ω and 4Ω loads with a THD < 0.1% 20Hz-20kHz, 2 channels driven. Products which do not specify these numbers may be included, but with a remark.

The intent of this compilation is to cut through marketing and help consumers find suitable equipment. Whether or not a product which measures well sounds better or worse than another product is a completely different discussion.

If you find a factual error or omission, please send an email to hifi@iensu.com. Numbers are from the manufacturer if not otherwise stated. I am not responsible for the data provided.

Integrated amplifiers

NAD C 328 40W40W<0.03%Specification states both 50W and 40W.
NAD C 338 50W50W<0.03%
NAD C 368 80W80W<0.03%
NAD C 388 150W150W<0.02%
NAD M32 180W180W<0.005%
NAD C 316BEE 40Wn/a0.01%
NAD C 326BEE 50W50W<0.009%
NAD C 375BEE 150W150W<0.009%